Craft Brewery



There are three stages in the production process at Sweetmans:



On brew day, the bulk ingredients of malt, unmalted barley, hops and water are combined in the brewhouse mash tun and kettle to produce a fermentable liquid (wort).


The brewhouse tanks are visible from the ground floor bar.


At the end of brew day, the wort is transferred to the fermentation tanks in the basement, where yeast is added (pitched). How long the fermentation period lasts will depend on the style of beer. Conditioning / Racking; When fermentation is complete, the beer is transferred to conditioning tanks (or directly to casks) where it is allowed to condition and mature over time. The final stage of production is racking the beer into kegs.


We are proud to brew a selection of award winning Craft Beers brewed by our Head Brewer Rob Hopkins. Rob trained in New York and now consistently brews a full range of tasty and popular Craft Beers including Pale Ale, Red Ale, Weizz, Blonde, Porter, Stout and a selection of Seasonal Brews.


Red Ale (4.8%) Irish Red Ale. A well-balanced, medium bodied, mild and easy drinking ale with smooth malty sweetness, fruit and hints of caramel. Toasty. Ireland's only unique style of ale.

Porter (4.8%) Dublin Porter - a dark ale made with chocolate malt. It is a full-bodied, palate-coating beer that is rich and smooth. Notes of chocolate, tobacco and espresso on the palate. It’s smoky and toasty but pleasantly refreshing.

Blonde (4.5%) A light ale made with pale malts and a number of American hops. Light bodied to taste, with fresh and fruity citrus flavours.

Weiss (5%) Bavarian style Hefe-Weizen ("wheat with yeast") beer made with wheat and malted barley. Cloudy with a fluffy head, tastes of citrus but predominantly banana and clove.

Pale Ale (4.5%) American style Pale Ale made with a blend of pale and coloured malts but this beer is all about the hops. Pacific coast Cascade hops give an unmistakeable piney, citrusy grapefruit flavour and aroma.


All our Craft Beers Are Available for take away in Growlers or Flip Top Bottles.